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To request a ribbon-cutting for your new business:

  • Please contact either the president of the Chamber of Commerce, Heidi Grant, at hgrant@fnbgermantown.com or the Community Relations Manager for the City of Germantown, Will Parsons, at wparsons@germantown.oh.us
  • Please note that ribbon cuttings are for any new Germantown businesses, not just those in the downtown. They are also available to both members and non-members of the Chamber of Commerce.

Setting up the event:

  • A date/time will be set with the owner; ideally during the week, especially on a Friday afternoon.
  • Unless otherwise specified, this date will be shared on the Germantown website as well as the Facebook pages of the City and the Chamber.
  • The owner is encouraged to invite family and friends to attend this event.
  • Members of City Council, the Chamber of Commerce, and City Staff will attend as available.

The day of the event:

  • The aforementioned representatives will arrive at the business approximately 30 minutes prior to the actual cutting of the ribbon.
  • Ribbon and ceremonial scissors will be provided. Extra items (such as food, drink, or other accessories for photos) may be present at the business owner's discretion.

What to expect during the ribbon cutting:

  • At the set time, either a member of City Council, the Chamber of Commerce, or City Staff will get the attention of those gathered and say a few words (approximately 3-5 minutes).
  • The business owner will then be invited to speak, if they would like.
  • After this, a City staff member will arrange those present for photos.
    • There will be photos with just the business owner(s), some including City Council and Chamber of Commerce members, and some where other family members and friends may be included at the owner's discretion.
    • There will be a few photos of mock-cutting the ribbon, and then one of actually cutting it.

After the ribbon has been cut:

  • The event may then proceed at the discretion and preference of the business owner.
  • Photos taken of the cutting will be edited and shared via the City website, Facebook page, and quarterly newsletter, as well as the Facebook of the Chamber of Commerce, unless otherwise requested by the business owner.
  • Further questions may be addressed to Heidi Grant or Will Parsons.